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Hukamran e Sihaba | (حکمران صحابہ) | Mahmood Ahmad Ghazanfar | PDF Book in Urdu | Free Download

After the downfall of the Holy Prophet (saw), there comes a period of extraordinary friendship of the Holy Prophet (saw) who are called by the incredible title of the Companions. History makes reference to this gathering with extraordinary pride and regard and reasons that after the Prophets and Messengers, no gathering has ever risen on this surface of the earth and under the blue top of the sky that professes to be the associates of the Companions. Couldn't and won't be conceived until the following revival. The sacred and favored gathering of the Companions had numerous qualities and some of them were particularly unmistakable, one of which was the "style of administering". The Prophet (harmony and gifts of Allaah arrive) himself named the individuals who had this trademark in high places as governors and rulers in specific spots, and in the favored time of the Rightly Guided Caliphs after him, this trademark and capacity was exploited. In the book under audit, M

Hajj e Nabvi | (حج نبوی) | Shaikh Nasir ud Din Albani | PDF Book in Urdu | Free Download

The Hajj is a yearly Islamic journey to Mecca, and a required strict obligation for Muslims which must be completed at any rate once in lifetime by each grown-up Muslim who is truly and monetarily fit for undertaking the excursion, and can bolster his family during his nonattendance. It is one of the five mainstays of Islam. Peruse out this book to get familiar with Hajj. In religion and Shariah, petitions have uncommon significance. The most significant supplication is offering Salah five times each day which is a wonderful blessing. There can be no other better path for creation to speak with the maker. This is the method of satisfying Allah and getting favors. It is the preeminent obligation and duty of rulers to execute the course of action of Salah offering. It is additionally known to be the distinctive element between a Muslim and a Non-Muslim. Sacred Prophet said(P.B.U.H) Offer Salah like you have seen me offering it. Friends of the Holy prophet have exhaustively watched Hol

Gems Of Ramadan (رمضان کے جواہرات) | Full PDF Transcript | PDF Book in English | Free Download

One ought to do his love with aching and longing to Allah, to hop to His love. What's more, love, it is a gathering among you and Allah so anticipate it. Take a gander at the account of Musa 'alayhis-salaam when he had a gathering with Allah. Allah cites him as saying, he himself says to Allah: Furthermore, I hurried to You, O my Lord, that You may be satisfied. {Surat Taha 20: Verse 84} Also, that is our subject. After Allah obliterated Fir'awn, Allah made a meeting with Musa 'alayhis-salaam and Bani Israel (the Children of Israel), and that is the place Allah addressed him by the mountain and where he requested to see Allah, and where he was given the Tawraah. At the point when he left Bani Israel back with Haroon 'alayhis-salaam and the meeting with Allah drew nearer, Musa 'alayhis-salaam immediately rushed his strides and sped to the gathering. All diamonds taken from book pearls of Ramadan by Shaykh Ahmad jibril Get up my sibling and sister and s

Kalama Shahadat Ka Mafoom | (کلمہ شہادت کا مفہوم) | Shaikh Abdul Karim alDiwaan | PDF Book in Urdu | Free Download

Ash-hadu Al-laaa Ilaaha Illa-llaahu Wahdahoo Laa Shareeka Lahoo Wa-Ash-hadu Anna Muhammadan ‘Abduhoo Wa Rasooluhu.I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship except Allah, the One alone, without partner, and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and Messenger Second Kalima (Shahadat): I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship except ALLAH, the One alone, without partner, and I bear witness that Muhammad (P.B.U.H) is His Servant and Messenger. {أَنْ =كہ} {لا نہيں} {إِلَهَ =اللہ-mabud=Rub=Parwardigar } {إِلا == سوا {إِلا الله =اللہ كے سوا أَشْهَدُ أَنْ لا إِلَهَ إِلا الله ( ميں گواہى ديتا ہوں كہ اللہ كے سوا كوئى معبود نہيں ) ======================= { Wahdahu=ak akela} { La=nahi}} { shareka=shareek} } { Lahu=oska} Wahdahu La shareka Lahu Allah akela hy oska koi sharek nahi ================= {أَشْهَدُ= گواہى} { أَنَّ =كہ} مُحَمَّدًا=محمد عَبدُہُ =اللّٰہ کے بندے وَ رَسُوُلُہ= اور اس کے رسول ہیں" -------------------------------- dosra kalma أَشْهَدُ أَنْ ل

Khutbat e Harmain Madina Munawwarah | (خطبات حرمین مدینہ منورہ) | Maulana Muhammad Muneer Qamar | PDF Book in Urdu | Free Download

MADINAH: The Agency of General Presidency for the Prophet's Mosque Affairs has designated six mediators to make an interpretation of Friday lessons into French, English, Urdu, Chichewa, Turkish and Hausa. The deciphered adaptation of the lessons would be communicated on different FM radio frequencies, including English (105.5FM), Urdu (105FM), Chichewa (99FM), French (99.5FM), Turkish (107FM), and Hausa (107.2). Abdullah Al-Hattab, executive of the interpretation office at the Prophet's Mosque, said that regarding 300,000 explorers and guests have as of now profited by the interpretation administrations. He said the undertaking will empower countless admirers from differing foundations to comprehend the significant messages. The communicate is additionally being made open through the online site of the venture. "Moment interpretation gadgets are likewise being dispersed among admirers in such manner. The entirety of the gadgets are sanitized to guarantee wellbei

Khutbat e Juma intakhab | Islami Khutbat | (خطبات جمعہ انتخاب | اسلامی خطبات) | Maulana Abdil Salam Bastvi | PDF Book in Urdu | Free Download

Title:   khutbat e jumma intekhab islami khutbat Pages:   479 Edition:   1 Edition Year:   N/A Author:   Abdul salam   Publisher:   al maktaba al salfiya sheesh mahal road   Language:   Urdu   Subjects:   Ahkam-o-sharay  

Momin ke Aqaid (مومن کے عقائد) | Shaikh Abubakar Jabar alJzairi | PDF Book in Urdu | Free Download

Al-Mu'minūn (Arabic: المؤمنون‎, "The Believers") is the 23rd section (sūrah) of the Qur'an with 118 stanzas (āyāt). With respect to timing and logical foundation of the alleged disclosure (asbāb al-nuzūl), it is a prior "Meccan surah", which implies it is accepted to have been uncovered in Mecca, rather than later in Medina. This surah manages the basics of confidence (Aqidah), Tawheed (Islamic monotheism), Risalah (Messengership), Resurrection and the preeminent Judgment of God. The surah drives these topics home by causing to notice God's making of man through various stages in the mother's belly, His making of the sky and the earth, His sending down downpours and developing plants, trees and natural products, and His furnishing of household creatures with different advantages for man, all along with an accentuation on the way that man will bite the dust and will be raised up on the Day of Resurrection. (See likewise: Islamic eschatology) The

MUALLIM us SARF | (معلّم الصرف ) | 04Parts Complete | Maulana Hakeem Muhammad Abdul Khaliq Shahjihanpuri | PDF Book in Urdu | Free Download

Title:   Muallam us Surf Pages:   000 Edition:   1 Edition Year:   N/A Author:   Maulana Hakeem Muhammad Abdul Khaliq Shahjihanpuri  Publisher:   al maktaba al salfiya sheesh mahal road   Language:   Urdu   Subjects:   Ahkam-o-sharay 

Ramadan Mubarak | (رمضان المبارک) | Fazail o Fawaid o Samraat, Ahkaam o Masail aur krny waly kaam | PDF Book in Urdu | Free Download

The virtue of fasting in the light of authentic hadiths The Special Virtue of Fasting in Ramadan Some Weak Traditions on the Virtue of Ramadan Benefits and benefits of fasting Promise for the fasting person Rulings and issues of fasting Essential rules of fasting What are the permissible things for a fasting person? What are the things that break the fast? Some issues of making up the fast Fasting without prayers is not acceptable Some issues of Qiyam-ul-Ayyal ie Taraweeh Essential Issues of Charity How do we welcome Ramadan? Special deeds and benefits of Ramadan Essential Issues of I'tikaf In Ramadan, make up for lost rights and avoid sins Purify your hearts from mutual hatred and enmity

Learning Arabic Language of the Qur'An | PDF Book Free

Learning Arabic Language of the Qur'An Arabic of the Quran from Beginner to Advanced is a simple to utilize, fun and intuitive prologue to the language of the Quran. It's optimal for anybody intrigued by the Quran, Islam, Arabic, or the Middle East. All are welcome. This course centers around the Arabic language, not religious philosophy or principle. The primary area centers around the Arabic content, its articulation, and its vocabulary. These assemble the establishment for understanding the language. The course at times centers around guidelines for right recitation, yet this isn't fundamental for finishing of the course. You can avoid the recitation areas toward the finish of the primary segment. Comprehension is critical. The subsequent area plunges profound into Classical Arabic vocabulary and sentence structure. It is my true expectation that non-Muslims will leave away with a superior comprehension of Islam and that Muslims will build up a more profo

Islam and the Future of Tolerance | A Dialogue | Sam Harris | Maajid Nawaz | PDF Book Free

Islam and the Future of Tolerance - A Dialogue In this profoundly educated and retaining trade, Sam Harris and Maajid Nawaz present a cure to the polarizing talk and obscurantism that have moved toward becoming characterizing highlights within recent memory: genuine exchange. A prestigious faultfinder of religion, Harris finds the regulations of Islam hazardous and irredeemable. No, the Muslim enemy of radical Nawaz contends, Islam is amiable to change and can discover its place in a mainstream world. As opposed to regress into dogmatism or personification, their trade shows a rousing case of polite consideration, sharp-edged knowledge, lastly trust. A previous individual from the Islamist progressive gathering Hizb ut-Tahrir, creator of Radical, and prime supporter of the counter fanatic research organization Quilliam, Nawaz talks with exceptional expert about the likelihood of Islamic change. Since the 2004 production of The End of Faith, Harris has scrutinized religion and