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Saans Sakin Thi (سانس ساکن تھی) | by Nimra Ahmed | PDF eBook Free Download

Saans Sakin Thi Free download or read online another delightful Urdu novel "Saans Sakin Thi" and appreciate another romantic tale in Urdu dialect. Saans Sakin Thi is the title name of this sentimental Urdu novel composed by Nimra Ahmed who is an outstanding Urdu writer, short and long Urdu story essayist and a well known Urdu author from Pakistan. Saans Sakin Thi Urdu novel is an artful culmination of Nimra Ahmed who has her own recognize status in the field of Urdu fictions. She is the writer of different Urdu books that are valued by the perusers. Saans Saakin Thi Urdu novel is about a young lady who works in Pakistan Cricket Board's office at Qadafi stadium Lahore in this way in this novel Urdu novel you will likewise locate a fascinating cricket touch. So also the creator Nimra Ahmed has additionally talked about the social issues identified with Pakistani society in an extremely wonderful and intriguing way which makes this novel a social novel too. Free do

Woh Mera Hai Novel | by Nimra Ahmed | PDF eBook Free Download

Woh Mera Hai: Free download or read online another wonderful Urdu novel "Woh Mera Hai" and appreciate another excellent story in your own Urdu dialect. "Wo Mera Hai" is the title name of this Urdu novel which means He's Mine. This Urdu novel is created by Ms. Nimra Ahmed who is an outstanding Urdu writer, show script essayist, digest author, Urdu long and short stories essayist, fiction author and a standout amongst the most prevalent Urdu authors of Pakistan. She has created a considerable measure of books in Urdu dialect and all are welcomed by the Urdu perusers. She is best known for her Urdu books. She has her own particular club of fans due to her novel. Wo Mera Hai novel is short sentimental Urdu story of 51 pages. The plot and story of this novel is loaded with adoration, agony, sentiment and craving. This is a sentimental Urdu story of young lady who is enamored with her adored. The entire story of this can be perused in two or 3 hours in

Apni Ungli | by Nimra Ahmad | PDF eBook Free Download

Apni Ungli: Apni Ungli By Nimra Ahmed   best famous urdu novel read online And free download. Apni Ungli romantic urdu novel written by Nimra Ahmed. all this writers urdu novels/Books list online Reading and Download for free available this site. Mere Khawab Mere Jugnoo: Mere Khawab Mere Jugnoo is the Social sentimental urdu novel composed by Nimra ahmed. This Novel Named as Mere Khawab Mere Jugnoo is the principal complete novel of Nimra ahmed. She pick up such a great amount of prominence in her perusers by her exceptional written work style and the utilization of huge information of Qurran and its interpretations in her books. In novel Mere Khawab Mere Jugnoo her style is fairly under a great deal of feedback, since this was her before novel, because of this numerous defects and incidental slip-ups were properly anticipated. Be that as it may, the account of Mere Khawab Mere Jugnoo is wonderful. In this story two young ladies simal and mahnoor who are sisters experiences p