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Gems Of Ramadan (رمضان کے جواہرات) | Full PDF Transcript | PDF Book in English | Free Download

One ought to do his love with aching and longing to Allah, to hop to His love. What's more, love, it is a gathering among you and Allah so anticipate it. Take a gander at the account of Musa 'alayhis-salaam when he had a gathering with Allah. Allah cites him as saying, he himself says to Allah:
Furthermore, I hurried to You, O my Lord, that You may be satisfied.
{Surat Taha 20: Verse 84}
Also, that is our subject. After Allah obliterated Fir'awn, Allah made a meeting with Musa 'alayhis-salaam and Bani Israel (the Children of Israel), and that is the place Allah addressed him by the mountain and where he requested to see Allah, and where he was given the Tawraah. At the point when he left Bani Israel back with Haroon 'alayhis-salaam and the meeting with Allah drew nearer, Musa 'alayhis-salaam immediately rushed his strides and sped to the gathering.
All diamonds taken from book pearls of Ramadan by Shaykh Ahmad jibril
Get up my sibling and sister and shake the residue of sins away from you. Flavor up and brighten your Tawbah more by making Wudhu and two Rak'ah. Pronounce your Tawbah to Him, cry in misery over your transgressions and start the way to Allah.
Contrition is a shadow that ought to never at any point leave you.
Atonement is sympathy to the individuals who are exemplary.
Ramadhaan is the prosperous season for the entirety of that.
Shaykh Ahmad Jibril (HafidhAllah)

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