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Hazrat Qudratullah Shahab R.A | Biography

Hazrat Qudratullah Shahab R.A Hazrat Qudratullah Shahab was an incredible official, representative, and a conspicuous essayist of Urdu. He worked at the best positions in government. He had dependable data about the bureaucratic strategies and administration arrangement of Pakistan. Shahab is renowned for his collection of memoirs named "Shahab Nama."In his last age, he turned into a Sufi frame. Life story Qudratullah Shahab was conceived on 26th February 1917 in Gilgit. His family had a place with Arain tribe of Ropar region Roop Nagar (East Punjab). Qudratullah sporadically went to there to meet his grandma with his folks. Qudratullah took his initial training in Gilgit. From that point forward, he came to Government College Lahore and got a graduation degree. Qudratullah was a splendid understudy. In the age of 16, he won the main prize from perusers process London. In 1940, Qudratullah joined Indian common administration. He was an empathetic and delicate man.

Maa Ji (ماں جی) | by QudratUllah Shahab | Learning Book Free Download in PDF

Maa Ji Qudrat Ullah Shahab is the author of Maa Ji. Qudratullah Shahab is a recognized name of Urdu writing. He was an open hireling and worked in high positions in the administration. He stayed with Ghulam Muhammad and Ayub Khan as central secretary and saw the state matters practically. Shahab wrote numerous distributions like Surkh Feeta, Nafsanay, Ya Khuda, Maa Ji and Shahab Nama. Qudratullah Shahab creator a collection of memoirs with the title Shahab Nama. In this book, he composed his experience of life. He told how the state matters done in the period of Ghulam Muhammad and Ayub Khan. Qudratullah Shahab was a dear companion of Mumtaz Mufti and Ashfaq Ahmed. Both of Mumtaz and Ashfaq were especially inspired by the otherworldly approach of Shahab. They pronounced the Qudratullah Shahab as a Sufi holy person. The book Maa Ji is a gathering of short stories of Qudratullah Shahab. I trust you will like the book, Maa Ji. Presently you can download all books of Qudrat Ulla

Shahab Nama (شہاب نامہ) | by QudratUllah Shahab | Learning Book Free Download in PDF

Shahab Nama Qudratullah Shahab is the writer of the book Shahab Nama Pdf. It is a brilliant self-portrayal of Qudratullah Shahab. The creator of Shahab Nama was a government worker in the British run the show. He took a shot at the fundamental posts in Pakistan and seriously viewed our lawmaker's characters and Pakistan's circumstance. He filled in as representative magistrate Jhang, worked sincerely and got the regard of the general population. The general population gave the cases until today the trustworthiness of the Deputy Commissioner of Jhang. The book Shahab Nama Pdf is about the entire biography of Qudratullah Shahab. The creator depicts his adolescence when he says the Drood Sharif to go ahead to class. Shahab informed in insights about his childhood and marriage with Iffat. He told about his religious perspectives in the middle age. In the wake of joining the common administration, he said in regards to the experience which he picked up. He talked about the sh

Surkh Feeta (سرخ فیتا) | by QudratUllah Shahab | Learning Book Free Download in PDF

Surkh Feeta Qudrat Ullah Shahab is the writer of the book Surkh Feeta Pdf. Qudratullah Shahab is an unmistakable name in the rundown of Urdu essayists. He was a senior administrator and worked at the key positions. He filled in as a key secretary with Ghulam Muhammad, Ayub Khan and Agha Muhammad Yahya Khan. Qudratullah Shah was a God-dreading officer. He functioned as an appointee magistrate Jhang for quite a while and made his position in the core of the general population. He served the general population exceptionally well. The general population of Punjab knew him with respect to his open administrations. Qudratullah Shahab has a genuine companionship with Mumtaz Mufti and Ashfaq Ahmad. He was a great author of Urdu dialect and kept in touch with some top of the line books. Qudratullah Shahab got notoriety through his personal history Shahab Nama. It is viewed as extraordinary compared to other history in the Urdu dialect. Shahab was a solid devotee of magic. He depicted

Nafsanay (نفسانے) | by QudratUllah Shahab | Learning Book Free Download in PDF

Nafsanay Qudrat Ullah Shahab is the creator of Nafsanay. The creator of Nafsanay was a senior official and dealt with abnormal state positions amid Ghulam Muhammad and Ayub Khan time. Qudrat Ullah Shahab got an open notoriety when he used to work for the welfare of the whole individuals as agent chief Jhang. Shahab spoke to the Pakistan as a representative in Holland for a long time. Qudratullah Shahab was an Islamic researcher and Sufi. He was an amazing author of Urdu and composed an acclaimed collection of memoirs "Shahab Nama." In this book, he portrayed his encounters of life and taxpayer supported organization. Shahab Nama considered a standout amongst other collections of memoirs in Urdu. Mumtaz Mufti and Ashfaq Ahmed were the dear companions of Qudratullah Shahab. They both had confidence in that Qudratullah was a Sufi holy person, and he helped by Allah ordinarily out of the blue. Mumtaz Mufti depicted him as a holy person in his travelog Labbaik. Both went

Ya Khuda (یا خدا) | by QudratUllah Shahab | Learning Book Free Download in PDF

Ya Khuda QudratUllah Shahab is the creator of Ya Khuda. The book Ya Khuda is a gathering of stories. Qudratullah Shahab was an incredible administrator. He saw the formation of Pakistan. He filled in as a secretary with Ghulam Muhammad, Iskander Mirza, and Ayoub. Shahab filled in as a diplomat for Pakistan. He has a considerable measure of data about the administration issues. Qudratullah Shahab composed his collection of memoirs. His book Shahab Nama broadly valued. The book Shahab Nama contains a great deal of data about the identity of Shahab. The book contains state privileged insights and the day and evenings of the Pakistani administration. Qudratullah Shahab was a superb essayist of Urdu. He wrote some best books regarding this matter. The book Ya Khuda is one of them. The writer has a characteristic ability for composing. On the off chance that he would not be an administrator, he can be a best essayist of Urdu. Shahab needed to work for the advancement of Urdu writi