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Tareekh e Farishta (تاریخ فرشتہ) | Complete 04 Volumes | Muhammad Qasim Farishta | PDF Free Download

The book Tareekh e Farishta (تاریخ فرشتہ)  is a bona fide history book composed on the Sub-landmass. This book imprinted in the sixteenth century and depicted the state of Sultanate Dehli and Mughal rulers. The book gave insights regarding the Ghazanvi Empire, Mamluk, Khalji, Tughlaq, Sadat, and Lodhi administration. It additionally contained the historical backdrop of different little conditions of Sindh, Punjab, and South India. Muhammad Qasim Farishta likewise gave the subtleties of the way of life, social conditions, and the political situation in entire India. He talked about and analysedthe scene with no inclination. He cited the other history specialist and remarked about their actualities. Muhammad Qasim Farishta additionally depicted the historical backdrop of old India. He examined the standard, traditions, loving, wars, and conditions of bygone eras. He additionally told about the acclaimed characters and holy people in antiquated period. Name:  Tareekh e Farishta Name

History Of The Theory Of Numbers | Leonabd Eugene Dickson | 03 Volumes Series Complete | PDF Book Free Download

History of the Theory of Numbers is a three-volume work by L. E. Dickson condensing work in number hypothesis up to around 1920. The style is uncommon in that Dickson for the most part just records results by different creators, with minimal further conversation. The focal subject of quadratic correspondence and higher correspondence laws is scarcely referenced; this was clearly going to be the subject of a fourth volume that was rarely composed (Fenster 1999). Dickson's History is really a stupendous record of the advancement of one of the most seasoned and most significant regions of science. Today is momentous to feel that such a total history could even be imagined. That Dickson had the option to achieve such an accomplishment is confirmed by the way that his History has become the standard reference for number hypothesis up to that time. One need just glance at later works of art, for example, Hardy and Wright, where Dickson's History is every now and again refered to,

Ysterdays in Persia and Kurdistan | Frederick G. Coan | PDF Book Free Download

Preacher Life in the Middle East or Yesterdays in Persia and Kurdistan delineates the life of the teacher in the Middle East during the nineteenth century. The book starts with a past filled with Mıddle East and its geography and character. At that point the creator gives a travelog of his excursions in different nations in the Middle East, portraying all parts of day by day life. The cutting edge Kurds get an unmistakable spot in the book. The creator depicts puts in Kurdistan and neighboring nations 1939. Extract from Yesterdays in Persia and Kurdistan The truth of the matter is that there is no experience on the planet to be com pared to that of the teacher experience, no life that is more full of intrigue and excites, none that calls for more noteworthy assortment of gifts and capacities. Nobody is more joyful than the minister, and there is nothing that brings more noteworthy improvement of each effortlessness and blessing than the preacher life. His field is so immense, the

Woman and Her Saviour | in Persia | A Returned Missionary | Thomas Laurie | PDF Book Free Download

Extract: ...students stayed in the Seminary for insurance during the tempest; yet even there they were not entirely sheltered. On the 25th of August, a delivery person came in scramble for one of them, saying that her withering sibling wished to see her right away. As the man was her family member, the young lady was all set on the double; yet fortunately Miss Fiske discovered that the sibling was well, and the errand person had been seen last with Mar Shimon. So he left, chagrined and irritated at his disappointment. The patriarch had instructed him no doubt and conceal his motivation from that Satan, Miss Fiske, and in the event of disappointment, to take the young lady forcibly. In any case, the instructor had some involvement with guarding her overlap, and both she and her student were appreciative for the redemption. Following day, Mar Shimon precluded lecturing in Geog Tapa; however in the event that the congregation was shut, the house-tops stayed open. That day, the school in

A History of the Later Roman Empire, AD 284-641 [Blackwell History of the Ancient World]

The Second Edition of A History of the Later Roman Empire highlights broad corrections and updates to the profoundly acclaimed, clearing authentic overview of the Roman Empire from the promotion of Diocletian in AD 284 to the demise of Heraclius in 641. * Features a reconsidered account of the political history that molded the late Roman Empire * Includes broad changes to the sections on local history, particularly those identifying with Asia Minor and Egypt * Offers a recharged assessment of the decay of the domain in the later 6th and seventh hundreds of years * Places a bigger accentuation on the military lacks, breakdown of state funds, and job of bubonic plague all through the Europe in Rome s decrease * Includes deliberate updates to the list of sources This book exhibits a chronicled investigation of the Roman Empire in Late Antiquity from the increase of the head Diocletian 284 to the passing of the sovereign Heraclius in 641. The main current examination to cover the we

The Ruins or a Survery of the Revolutions of Empires | Constantin François Chasseboeuf | Marquis de Volney

This book was initially distributed preceding 1923, and speaks to a propagation of a significant authentic work, keeping up a similar configuration as the first work. While a few distributers have picked to apply OCR (optical character acknowledgment) innovation to the procedure, we accept this prompts problematic outcomes (visit typographical blunders, weird characters and confounding arranging) and does not satisfactorily safeguard the recorded character of the first antiquity. We accept this work is socially significant in its unique authentic structure. While we endeavor to sufficiently spotless and carefully improve the first work, there are sometimes cases where defects, for example, obscured or missing pages, poor pictures or errant imprints may have been acquainted due with either the nature of the first work or the filtering procedure itself. Notwithstanding these periodic defects, we have brought it again into print as a feature of our continuous worldwide book protection r

Tareekh e Hind (تاریخ ہند) | Mohan Lal Maath

Name: Tareekh e Hind Name: تاریخ ہند Author: Mohan Lal Maath Language: Urdu Size: 46mb

Tareekh K Dareechon Se (تاریخ ک دریچوں سے) | Maulana Muhammad Rafi Usmani

Muhammad Rafi Usmani (Urdu: محمد رفیع عثمانی‎, Muḥammad Rafī' Us̱mānī) is Pakistani Sunni Islamic researcher who fills in as President of Darul Uloom Karachi. He has wrote books in Urdu and Arabic. He is the Brother of Notable Islamic Scholar Mufti Taqi Usmani The three frameworks of financial matters in Europe : feudalism, free enterprise, communism and their authentic foundation. Islāmī maʻīshat aur ṣanʻatī taʻalluqāt , investigation of the religious parts of financial matters and mechanical relations in Islam. Ḥayāt-I Muftī-yi Aʻẓam : faqīhulʻaṣr Muftī Aʻẓam Pākistān, on the life and works of Muftī Muḥammad Shafī, his dad. Javāhirulfiqh, gathering of writer's academic compositions on Islamic law. ʻAlāmāt-I qiyāmat aur nuzūl-I Masīḥ, gathering of Islamic lessons on the coming of Jesus and the day of judgment. Tīn Islāmī mulkon̲ kā safar nāmah, Anbiyāʼ kī sarzamīn men̲, travelogs to Saudi Arab, Syria and Jordan. Insignificant murshid Ḥaẓrat-I ʻārifī, memoir of

Cyclopaedia of Political Science, Political Economy | Complete 3 Volumes Series | John Joseph Lalor

In no nation on the planet is the need of the investigation of political theory and political economy more prominent than in the United States, wherein each native is, legitimately or in a roundabout way - through the vehicle of his vote - an administrator; but then, in no incredible nation, maybe, has the investigation of governmental issues as a science been so completely disregarded. Our experience as a people during the most recent decade has exhibited how significant it is to lay before the incredible assemblage of perusers dependable attempts to which they may allude, when event requires, for the standards by which all extraordinary national inquiries are illuminated. The general population of the United States for as long as ten years, to go no more distant back in their history, have been, in a manner of speaking, one extraordinary discussing club, examining such inquiries as the resumption of specie installments, constriction of the cash, inflation of the money, cash, paper c

Gulzar e Usmani (گلزار عثمانی) Persian | Muhammad Abdul Qawi Faani

Name: Gulzar e Usmani Name: گلزار عثمانی Author: Muhammad Abdul Qawi Faani Language: Persian (فارسی) Size: 6mb

Dafter e Usmani (دفتر عثمانی) Urdu | Free Download PDF Book

Name: Dafter e Usmani Name: دفتر عثمانی Author: Not Available Language: Urdu Size: 5mb

Ehd e Timuriyaan Haraat (عہد تموریاں ہرات) | Abdullah Kaargar

Name: Ehd e Timuriyaan Haraat Name: عہد تموریاں ہرات Author: Abdullah Kaargar عبداللہ کارگر Language: Urdu Size: 40mb

Daulat e Amoyan (دولت امویاں) | Darul Undlas

Name: Daulat e Amoyan Name: دولت امویاں Author: Darul Undlas Language: Urdu Size: 10mb

Modern Indian History | V.M. Mahajan

A keen and instructive book - Modern Indian History gives a complete record of the cutting edge time of Indian History, i.e., from 1707 to the present day. It gives a rational record encouraging simple comprehension and absorption to understudies of various cognizance. This book initiates with a talk on the decay and breaking down of the Mughal Empire and strolls us through the approach of Europeans, the periods of British government and the significant parts of the Indian National Movement. This book is of gigantic incentive to undergrad and postgraduate understudies of the subject. Moreover, it will likewise be helpful to the wannabes of different aggressive assessments, for example, Indian Civil Services, PCS, NET, SLET and so forth. Decrease and crumbling of the Mughal Empire • Rise of Autonomous States • Society and Culture in the Eighteenth Century

Tarrkan dr Irran

Name: Tarrkan dr Irran Name: Author: Not Available Language: Persian Size: 15mb

Tazkira e Babar | Molana Habib ur Rehman Khan Sharwani

Name: Tazkira e Babar Name: Author: Molana Habib ur Rehman Khan Sharwani Language: Urdu Size: 03mb

Khilafat e Usmani (خلافت عثمانی) Urdu | Mirza Hairat Maalik

Name: Khilafat e Usmani Name: خلافت عثمانی Author: Mirza Hairat Maalik Language: Urdu Size: 07mb

inqailab e Usmani (انقلاب عثمانی) Urdu | Maulana Agha Rafique Buland Shehri

Name: inqailab e Usmani Name: انقلاب عثمانی Author: Maulana Agha Rafique Buland Shehri Language: Urdu Size: 25mb

Khilafat e Usmania Aur Duniya e Islam (خلافت عثمانیہ اور دنیا اسلام) | Syed Sulaiman Nadvi

Name: Khilafat e Usmania Aur Duniya e Islam Name: خلافت عثمانیہ اور دنیا اسلام Author: Syed Sulaiman Nadvi Language: Urdu Size: 08mb

Jamaluddin Afghani (جمال الدین افغانی) | Qazi Abdul Ghaffar

Name: Jamaluddin Afghani Name: جمال الدین افغانی Author: Qazi Abdul Ghaffar Language: Urdu Size: 04mb