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Alakh Nagri (الکھ نگری) | by Mumtaz Mufti | PDF eBook Free Download

Alakh Nagri Mumtaz Mufti is the essayist of Alakh Nagri. The writer of the book was one of the best authors of Urdu dialect and kept in touch with some quality books. He began his vocation as an essayist with a travelog Labbaik. He was a dear companion of Qudratullah Shahab and Ashfaq Ahmed. Mumtaz Mufti impacted by both of the identities in regards to their convictions in Sufism. He frequently met to Hazrat Wasif Ali Wasif, another Sufi of the cutting edge age. Amid the administration of Ayyub Khan, Mumtaz Mufti went for Hajj alongside Qudratullah Shah. There he saw something mind blowing and he much inspired by Qudratullah Shahab. After this trip, Mumtaz Mufti began to state to Qudratullah a holy person and Sufi Baba. Alakh Nagri is a collection of memoirs by Mumtaz Mufti. The collection of memoirs in two sections, the first was Ali Pur Ka Ailee. Both of the books describes stories about the two distinctive period of the author,s life. The book Alakh Nagri was the book about

Chup (چپ) | by Mumtaz Mufti | PDF eBook Free Download

Chup Chup by Mumtaz Mufti is another awesome book of Mumtaz Mufti. Chup implies the hush, and it is the focal subject of this book. Mumtaz Mufti was an educationist and author from Pakistan. He was a dear companion of Qudratullah Shahab and Ashfaq Ahmed. Mumtaz had faith in radicalism before. However, in his later life, he swung to Islam and Sufism. He much awed by Qudratullah Shahab and changed over from progressivism to Sufism. Mumtaz Mufti went to journey go with Qudratullah Shahab and Mrs. Iffat Shahab, and there he saw the ubiquity of Shahab in the court of Allah. There he saw odd occasions, occurrence, and things by Qudratullah Shahab. It was the time when Mumtaz Mufti showed the character of Qudratullah Shahab as a Sufi Saint. This story described in Labbaik by Mumtaz Mufti. The book Chup by Mumtaz Mufti contained the short stories of Mumtaz Mufti. The writer has a one of a kind style of composing. He portrayed everything in site and clear route with no care. The book C

Labbaik (ابیک) | by Mumtaz Mufti | PDF eBook Free Download

Labbaik Mumtaz Mufti is the writer of the book Labbaik Pdf. The book Labbaik contained the diary of the author when he went to Saudi Arabia for journey (Hajj) with Qudratullah Shahab and Iffat Shahab. Qudratullah Shahab, an ex-senior government employee, and spiritualist are viewed as a profound educator of Mumtaz Mufti. In the book Ali Pur Ka Aili, Mumtaz appeared to a communist, and he was in his childhood. In any case, after he met to Qudratullah Shahab he was changed as appeared in Alakh Nagri. Mumtaz Mufti,s transformation from radicalism to Sufism because of the impact of Qudratullah Shahab. The book Labbaik Pdf is an extraordinary work and travelog of Mumtaz Mufti. These lines distribute prior in a magazine and later progressed toward becoming in the state of a book on the perusers demand. Mumtaz Mufti told about the entire circumstance and occasions that how he went for journey with no planned. Mumtaz Mufti expressed in the book Labbaik Pdf the time when he went to Mak

Talash (تلاش) | by Mumtaz Mufti | PDF eBook Free Download

Talash Mumtaz Mufti is the creator of Talash. He was the colossal author of Urdu dialect and composed numerous awesome books like Alakh Nagri, Labbaik, and Ali Pur Ka Aili, and so forth. He is well known for his life accounts and short stories. Mumtaz Mufti was a dear companion of Ashfaq Ahmad and Qudratullah Shahab. Mumtaz Mufti impacted by the socialism in the prior life. He has liberal perspectives about existence and its substances. After the journey go with Qudratullah Shahab, Mumtaz appears a changed individual. On the arrival from Haramain, he composed his popular book Labbaik. In this book, he depicted the weird things which he saw alongside Qudratullah Shahab. Labbaik was a genuine magnum opus by Mumtaz Mufti. He displayed everything in a characteristic style. Mumtaz had confidence in truth and reality which is clearly find in his everything books. The book Talash contains the short stories of Mumtaz Mufti. He depicted the accumulation of numerous little occasions of ou

Ali Pur Ka Aili (علی پور کا ایلی) | by Mumtaz Mufti | PDF eBook Free Download

Ali Pur Ka Aili Free download or read online popular Urdu showstopper "Ali Pur Ka Aili" and read the lovely story of a kid in particular Aili. "Ali Pur Ka Aili" is the title name of this Urdu novel which is wrote by Mr. Mumtaz Mufti. Mumtaz Mufti is a standout amongst the most prominent Urdu essayists in the sub mainland. He is a well known Urdu author and great Urdu essayist who conceived in Punjab, United India. Ali Pur Ka Aili is the longest Urdu novel by Mumtaz Mufti. This was the most offering Urdu novel. The narrative of Ali Pur Ka Aili encloses of a kid to be specific Ilyas nom de plume Aili. This novel was viewed as a fiction story of Aili yet later on Mumtaz Mufti reported that the Ilyas (Aili) is really Mumtaz Mufti. This uncover made Ali Pur Ka Aili novel as the self-portrayal of Mumtaz Mufti. Toward the finish of Ali Pur Ka Aili Urdu novel, you will see the correct names comparing to each imaginary. The Asifi family is really the Mufti family, com