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Makateeb e Syyed Ul Mursaleen [S.A.W.W.] (مکاتیب سید المرسلین) | Maulana Hifzur Rahman Seoharvi R.A. | PDF eBook Free

Maulana Hifzur Rahman Seoharvi is an unmistakable name on the religio-political skyline of the Asian subcontinent throughout the previous quite a few years. He was a multifaceted identity who lived for the most part amid the main portion of the most recent century. The sheik was a flexibility warrior as well as an Islamic researcher, a history specialist, a productive author and a religious and political pioneer of notoriety ordering regard from inside India and in addition Pakistan. He battled against British administer for a quarter century (1922-1947) and put in eight years in prison. In post-Independent India, Maulana Seoharvi assumed a significant part in diagramming a guide for the Muslims in India. As an individual from the Constituent Assembly, he had his influence in guaranteeing a legitimate place for Muslims in the constitution of India, making the nation a common one, and in this way rendering a honorable status to the Muslim people group in the nation that had endure