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The Law of the Adhaan to say during the plague and plague | وبا اور طاعون کے وقت اذان کہنے کی شرعی حیثیت | Maulana Muhammad Samiullah Wani Al-Kashmiri

In The Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful It is the law of the Adhaan to say during the plague and plague (وبا اور طاعون کے وقت اذان کہنے کی شرعی حیثیت) by Maulana Muhammad Samiullah Wani Al-Kashmiri Since yesterday many of my colleagues have asked me whether it is permissible to call upon the roofs of mosques and houses in order to protect them from pests and natural disasters, as many clerics say that it is permissible for them to do so. And give their fatwa about it in several hadiths! In my view, there are several types of hadeeth books about the adhaan in the time of pestilence and calamities, which are the basis of which many scholars give the verdict of its validity and validity, and such prayers were heard in many places at night! I review three traditions here... Let's see what the ahadith mentioned are about and the researchers have made a careful decision about this... 01-First tradition: Anas bin Malik Qal: The Messenger of Allah (peace a

Coronavirus Disease | COVID-19 Alert | What is the quarantine?? | Just 15 days

Just 15 days (What is the quarantine ???) There is also an era of ice in the world 'at that time the entire planet was frozen' from the east to the west was snow. In this Ice Age man had only one job and that was the task of finding food. Hit the snow in order to maintain the thread 'Nature has given' Rain Deer 'the ability to smell the snow and find the vegetables hidden under it' It then breaks the ice by hitting the sim. And eats the leaves and eats them. When humans learned of Ryan Deere's ability, they started to chase after him. He used to break the ice and eventually reach the food. 'Man started eating meat in the same period. He used to eat roasted deer. He went to search for food in the snow and chase Rain Deers. Took America from Russia 'Our DNA contains ten men and women from Alaska to Russia chasing Rain Deers' During this time the temperature of the earth rose, the ice melted and water became seven parts. Distributed 'A

Jaggery & Benefits

Jaggery According to research we should use jaggery after every meal so that we can be safe from many diseases. After eating, jaggery can help prevent stomach diseases as well as protect against gastrointestinal irritation and acidity. Can be released Today we will tell you some of the special benefits of jaggery. Because of the calcium and phosphorus in the jar, it strengthens our bones, while on the contrary, sugar causes harm to us. Besides, iron is also present in it, so people who are deficient in blood. They use feces. Zinc, magnesium, potassium and selenium are also found in feces. Benefits of eating jaggery Use of feces does not fatigue. The use of jaggery after eating relieves male weakness. The use of jaggery after eating can protect against gastrointestinal irritation and acidity. After eating, using jaggery does not cause constipation. The use of sugarcane in the dessert improves your memory. People who are not hungry should use jaggery as it increases appe