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Sufaid Jazeera | Urdu Historical Novel | by Naseem Hijazi | PDF eBook Free Download

Sufaid Jazeera Naseem Hijazi is the writer of the book Sufaid Jazeera pdf. It is another amazing written work of Naseem Hijazi. He was the considerable Urdu essayist and composed numerous quality books like Muhammad Bin Qasim, Khak Aur Khoon, and numerous others. He gave another life to Urdu novel composition. The book Sufaid Jazeera is an alternate sort of composing by Naseem Hijazi. Naseem Hijazi was extremely famous in the 70s. He was a sentiment of two eras of Pakistanis. He made the history one of the essential subjects of his work. Naseem Hijazi told about the occasions from the light up past of the Muslim history. He informed to the adolescent concerning the triumphs of their progenitors. He incited the Muslims to get back his wonderfulness through looking for information and present day innovation. Naseem Hijazi taught the country about the Islamic belief system. He told about the battle for the making of Pakistan and penances. He talked that Pakistan appeared for the a

Pakistan Se Diyare Haram Tak | Urdu Historical Novel | by Naseem Hijazi | PDF eBook Free Download

Pakistan Se Diyare Haram Tak Pakistan Se Diyare Haram Tak is a travelog book that composed by Naseem Hijazi. The writer of Pakistan Se Diyare Haram Tak was a prominent antiquarian and author of Urdu dialect. He was a creator of some top of the line books. The primary subject of his books was the superb past and the triumphs of the Muslims. Naseem Hijazi educated the lesson of battle to the adolescent to recover his ascent. Naseem Hijazi was an enthusiastic Pakistani. He has a huge learning of the Hindu mindset and their mythology about the Muslims. Naseem Hijazi lectured the country the two countries hypothesis and the schemes of India against Pakistan. In this book Pakistan Se Diyare Haram Tak, Naseem Hijazi depicts his go from Pakistan to Makka. He had paid this visit to see the holy place of Islam. Amid this adventure, he performed Hajj, an uprightness in Islam. Naseem Hijazi was a preservationist Muslim and has a profound love for Islam and Holy Prophet. He depicted his se

Aakhri Marka (آخری معرکہ) | Urdu Historical Novel | by Naseem Hijazi | PDF eBook Free Download

Aakhri Marka The book Aakhri Marka Novel Pdf is composed by Naseem Hijazi. Nasim Hijazi was a notable Urdu writer.He composed many books, and the majority of it were regarding the matter of history. He was a trailblazer and has a one of a kind style of composing. Naseem Hijazi was a devoted Pakistani. He was an enthusiastic Muslim, which has the fantasy about the solidarity of the Muslims of the entire world. He had confidence in the initiative of Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Naseem Hijazi gave the message of solidarity to all Pakistanis. He educated the country concerning the tricks of Hindu and Jews. He divulged the guilty parties in Pakistan which were functioning as Fifth Columnist in the nation. In this book Aakhri Marka Novel, Hijazi depicted the circumstance of Sub-Continent before the Sultan Mehmood Ghazni. The concentrate of the Novel on the success of Somnath, which was the most popular sanctuary in India. Sultan Mehmood assaulted the city and sanctuary. He deni

Shaheen Novel | Urdu Historical Novel | by Naseem Hijazi | PDF eBook Free Download

Shaheen Novel The book Shaheen pdf is a novel by Naseem Hijazi. The subject of the book is history. The creator of Shaheen pdf was a recognized history specialist, writer, writer, and writer in Pakistan. He created some top of the line books to the Urdu dialect. He gave another life to the Urdu books by authentic stories. Naseem Hijazi utilized the books to instruct the country about history. He told about the superb time and triumphs of the Muslims in the Past. He educated the young concerning the battle for the production of Pakistan. Naseem Hijazi advanced the belief system of Pakistan through their works. The book Shaheen Novel is a tale about the Muslims ruin in Spain. The Muslims ruled Spain for one thousand years. In the begin, there was a solid focal government set up. Later it transformed into a government. The Christian leader of Castile and Aragon were sitting tight for this time. They began connivances, and they incited the Muslim pioneers to battle each other. I