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Guftagu 30 (گفتگو) | Hazrat Wasif Ali Wasif | 30 Books Complete Series | Free PDF Download

The book Guftagu is an accumulation of talks and sections of extraordinary author Hazrat Wasif Ali Wasif. The writer of the book Guftagoo was a Sufi researcher, profound instructor, and reporter. He was a scholarly and a writer of Urdu and Punjabi language. Wasif impacted to the general population through his Mahafils and books.
As a Writer:
Wasif Ali Wasif was offered a lot to quietness. He burned through most piece of the day in quiet serenity, however when he talked there was nothing that was not quotable. His composed and verbally expressed words are quotable for their substance just as their development. Ace of adage, he has the phenomenal capacity to catch a rainbow of significance in a couple of dewdrops of very much picked words. His paper works verified him a changeless spot in the exhibition of beautician composition journalists. Despite the fact that his fundamental specialty is his works, a select circle realizes that he was a similarly incredible conversationalist. Ashfaq Ahmed, the conversationalist second to none within recent memory has stated, The sentences we come up with are our bit of specialty, Wasif's lines originated from elsewhere. His exposition is less difficult, utilizing hyperboles less habitually and accordingly sounds progressively common yet it has particular characteristics of fine verse. Eminent lawmaker and authority of craftsmanship and writing, Hanif Ramay is of the view Wasif's composition impacts perusers in a similar way as the verse of Iqbal. Another intriguing part of his scholarly showstoppers is that these initially showed up as segments in a Urdu every day resisting the firmly held conviction that news coverage can't create unadulterated writing which can have a long life. Siraj Muneer, a well-perused researcher and faultfinder, has composed, We accepting them as sections however they were another aalam (world). A talk of his unconventional style would be inadequate without referencing that every one of his compositions have a great deal between the lines as well. He accepted that an idea can never be communicated completely in words, a peruser ought to be alive to this reality and should have a go at understanding the segment that was difficult to be conveyed in words. The main commentator and researcher Professor Gilani Kamran remarks on his book 'Dil Darya Samundar' that Wasif Ali Wasif's accumulation of articles has a charming cadence of a sincerely supported composition. The sentence moves with elegance and the words have the ring of sensation. These highlights are just once in a while found in present day Urdu exposition. In any case, regardless of whether one prevails with regards to finding himself, or in entering the field of a higher encounter, the beat of Wasif's exposition absolutely makes up for any loss of accomplishment. With this one book, it tends to be said with some affirmation, our way of life supposedly is moving out of a shut world and entering a time of self revelation where a solitary individual turns into the object of new direction and furthermore the locus of another fate."

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