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The Bible Atlas | Carl G. Rasmussen | PDF Book Free

The Bible Atlas Proclaimed as the most legitimate and state-of-the-art map book of the Bible now accessible, Biblica: The Bible Atlas with an encased CD-ROM goes past the more customary books of its sort. It puts the scriptural account and its people groups in their verifiable, social, social, and geographic settings, and it clarifies the mind boggling history and societies of the Bible grounds as they identify with the regionâ's cutting edge social and political scene. Yet, maybe most significant of all, Biblica: The Bible Atlas joins the latest archeological discoveries and research, consolidating insightful information with drawing in talk of the Bibleâ's godlike stories. In outline, this surprising volume offers perusers fresher bits of knowledge and a more profound energy about the scriptural account than some other reference wellspring of its sort. Biblica: The Bible Atlasis additionally an outwardly staggering manual for the Bible and scriptural terrains, including in excess of 650 full-shading compositions, illustrations, etchings, and photos in addition to 125 full-shading maps of the area. Following the broad and wonderfully outlined principle content are 14 pages of scriptural reference tables, a broad catalog, a glossary of scriptural terms, an enormous choice of scriptural citations from the Old and New Testaments, a gazetteer of scriptural spot names, and a broad record. Here is a wonderful and enlightening book that will make a loved expansion to the family bookshelf. It will likewise be a much-looked for after volume in reference libraries all over the place.
Biblica: The Bible Atlas
Brings to life the emotional stories, appealling individuals, and entrancing districts of the Bible
Arranged in eight sections: geology and history of the Bible terrains; Genesis and the Patriarchal time frame; the Judges; the Kings, the Prophets and the Righteous; the victory of the kingdoms; the life of Jesus of Nazareth; and the spreading of the Word
Includes data on geography, topography, atmosphere, vegetation, and key physical highlights of the locale
125 unique maps show conspicuous areas, ventures, fights, political limits, and the sky is the limit from there
Incorporates the most recent archeological discoveries and philosophical research.
The encased CD-ROM presents intuitive maps that bring up scriptural spot names and significant archeological destinations. This product frill likewise characterizes scriptural names and Bible-related terms, and serves perusers as an accommodating supplement to a genuinely irregular book.

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