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Aas Paas (آس پاس) | Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi | PDF eBook Free Download Now

A lot of short stories (afsaaney) written in a particular sentimental and lavish route by a standout amongst the best in the craftsmanship. This book is fundamentally a tribute to Woman in the entirety of her ghosts, and does her equity, as well.
Free Download PDFcopy accounts of Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi in Urdu title name "Aas Paas" A course of action of 8 eight short stories (afsaney) in Urdu written in a specific wistful and lavish course by a standout amongst the best in the craftsmanship. This book is basically a tribute to Woman in all of her apparitions, and does her value, also.
Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi is a significant figure in Urdu writing in Pakistan. He was conceived on twentieth November 1916. He isn't just Urdu artist rather he is likewise a writer, scholarly pundit, and screenwriter too.
Ahmad Nadeem is additionally the creator of many short stories that got tremendous acclaim in Pakistan as well as in different nations. He composed around fifty books on various subjects, for example, verse, fiction, analysis just as news coverage.
In the contemporary occasions of Urdu, he is an unmistakable figure and much valued by the substantial network of perusers. His verse of humanism recognized him from the other Urdu essayists and writers. His specialization of Urdu Afsana made him a one of a kind identity in Urdu writing.
In Urdu Afsana (short-story), Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi is viewed as second to Prem Chand. In his Urdu Afsanas, he delineated the genuine image of the provincial culture of Pakistan that is viewed as the mainstream culture of this nation on the grounds that a large portion of the populace in Pakistan dwells in the field where they Passing with farming. The belongingness to agribusiness mirrors the unadulterated Punjabi culture of Punjab just as Pakistan.

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