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Phundnay (پھندنے) | by Saadat Hasan Manto | Free Download PDF Book

Saadat Hassan Manto is the creator of Phundnay. Manto was a legend short story essayist ever. He composed many short stories, screenplay, and articles. He showed a genuine pic of a two-faced society. Manto had confidence in that we should see that we have.
The book "Phundnay" is a gathering of short stories (Afsanay) of Manto. Sadat Hassan Manto composed this book in his one of a kind style. It has an ethical lesson, social issues, and impolite remarks about society. The creator revealed the bad faith of our group. In the book Phundnay, he examined extremely touchy issues with no dread.
Manto has a delicate heart. He has thoughtful affections for the lower portions of the general public. He examined their difficult issues in his stories. Manto felt that everybody prodded them and not endeavored to think about their issues or arrangement.

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