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Talakh Tursh Shireen (تلخ، ترش، شیریں) | by Saadat Hasan Manto | Free Download PDF Book

Talakh Tursh Shireen
Manto is the essayist of the book Talakh Tursh Shireen Pdf. Saadat Hasan Manto is one of the legend journalists ever. He composed many short stories, books, shows, and papers. He is viewed as best story author in the Urdu. There is no contender of him in the Urdu essayists.
Manto is known for his exceptional style and intense dialect. He remarked on some grave and touchy issues. He reprimanded by the rivals, however Manto did not think about any. Manto put stock in truth and normal magnificence. He needed to change the independent social and good esteems. He put stock in Islamic lessons, however he preferred not to the use of Islam to satisfy individual wants.
The book Talakh Tursh Shireen Pdf is one of best book by Manto. The book contains the articles about various people, occasions, characters, and issues. Talakh Tursh Shireen incorporates Deewaron Pe Likhna, Naak Ki Qismain, Khansi Par, Sawal Paida Hota Hay, Kuch Namon Ke Baray Main, Main Film Kyon Nahin Dekhta. Manto additionally portrayed Saweray, Youm e Iqbal Par, Mahboos Auratein, Iman O Iqan, Parday Ki Batein, Muft Noshon Ki Qismain, Patakhay, Karl Marx, Insaf, and so on. I trust you will like the book Talakh Tursh Shireen Pdf.

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