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Shahrah e Bahishat (شاہراہ بہشت) | by Hazrat Molana Ameer Hamza | PDF eBook

Amir Hamza is the nomme de guerre of one of the originators of the Islamic aggressor assemble Lashkar-e-Taiba. The United States Treasury characterizes Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) as a fear monger gathering. They have particularly recorded Amir Hamza as a psychological oppressor who they contend ought to be the objective of International authorizations.
LeT invades contenders into the segment of the debated Jammu and Kashmir domain that is possessed by India. Hamza is accepted to sit on its Central Committee. He is said to have consulted for the arrival of different pioneers, and to have driven LeT's crusades for beneficent gifts, and to have been the establishing manager of LeT's authentic production.
The book "Roos K Taaqub Main" is a retaining genuine book bookkeeping by Mr. Maulana Amir Hamza in Urdu Language. In This book Maulana Amir Hamza has episodic his experience (Safar nama) of Russia a short time later worthy the Afghan Jehad abut Russa. The writter talked about his enterprise of changed details of Russia.
He has also examined the marvels of Afghan Jehad. Mr. Amir Hamza aswell bookkeeping the jehad conviction of inexhaustible and acclaimed Mujahideen-e-Islam. In this book Roos K Taaqub Main, you will procurement the endowments of Jehad. The biographer aswell contributed the Afghan Jehad abut Russia. The Maulana announced his arrangement experience of Kirghistan, Koh-e-Qaaf, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Bukhara, Samarkand, the grave of Amir Taimor, Moscow and proliferating included details of Russia.This book has the admeasurement of mb and named into tareekhi books.Visit the specified underneath mediafire hotlink to download roos key taaqub mein urdu pdf or catch online book free.Roos ki taqub me Moulana Ameer hamza ka safarnama russia ka safar hay,aik waqt ta k russia dunnya ka super power ta, jis taraf qadam otata ta aagy bartha hey jatha ta,russian ne taqat ka nashe fundamental sirf muslimanoo ka qatal haam key balke Allah Rub u izath ka bhi inkar keya ,Isi taqat k nashe me choor punch russia ne pakistan k garam paniaoo pe qabza kerne k leye Afganistan per charahi ki to afgan bhaioon ni russia ka dut kar muqabla keya phir afganioon k sath pakistaniaur deegar musliman milte gahe aur russia ko barbad kardeya. Ye kitab moshaidat per mushtamil feed, Ye moshaidat dars de rahe hain k ahy mujhideen dheli k taqub ka poke marhala aaye to dair nakeraur phir wo sari barkat hasil karna jin ki aik jhalak aap roos ki taqub me daik sakte hain. 

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