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The Road to MAKKAH | Muhammad Asad

In this phenomenal and flawlessly composed life account, Asad recounts his underlying dismissal of every single institutional religion, his dish into Taoism, his interesting goes as a representative, lastly his grip of Islam.
The Road to Mecca, otherwise called Road to Mecca or Road to Makkah, is the personal history of Muslim researcher, scholarly, political scholar and profound essayist Muhammad Asad.
The book got basic approval upon production, incorporating surveys in renowned New York City periodicals. One commentator, writing in New York Herald Tribune Book Review, considered it a "seriously intriguing and moving book."
New York World-Telegram composed:
As suffused with Arab legend as Sir Richard Burton and nearly as daring as T.E. Lawrence, Muhammad Asad offers a comparative mix of brave activity and mindful perception. Also, he outperforms both of these incredible ancestors as an exposition beautician and mediator of the Islamic confidence

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